Jane Willis

Early last September, my husband had two strokes caused by a staph infection in his mitial valve, which threw clots throughout his body. The stroke affecting his right side was quite severe. He spent a total of six weeks in the ICU and the remainder of the time at Arbors of Sylvania. At Arbors of Sylvania, his speech therapist has been working with my husband using VitalStim therapy to aid his swallowing. On December 20, he passed his swallow test and started on pureed foods. On January 3, he started on mechanical soft foods. As of January 7, he is completely off the feeding tube. We are sure the VitalStim was instrumental in restoring my husband’s ability to eat and get off the feeding tube, which in turn has helped him heal in other ways. His blood sugar has now returned to normal without medication. We are grateful to his therapist and VitalStim therapy.

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