Palliative Care Services

Palliative Care Services

How Can Palliative Care Help Those You Love?

A diagnosis of a serious illness for a loved one is one of the most overwhelming difficulties to accept. Questions seem to turn in endless circles of doubt. How will my family get through this? Which doctor will treat this illness with the most qualified care? What if I can't take care of my loved one on my own?

As American health care and diagnostic technologies advance, treatments for many diseases are being offered at earlier stages than ever before. Of course, this benefits everyone involved in the patients' well-being. Overall knowledge of the condition brings an understanding to family members, but it also means they have to face it. A caregiver's main concern in these difficult cases is long-term assistance and pain remedies. Arbors at Sylvania's palliative care has the answer to families' most fear-filled questions. Our trademark heart and honest talks are at the center of all we do.

When is Palliative Care the best Option?

Palliative care can be introduced at any stage in an illness diagnosis. Most often, a doctor writes it as an insurance-covered prescription straight to the patient's caregiver. It does not have to become obvious that the disease has advanced to the point where it becomes difficult to provide comfort. You can ask your doctor about this custom care at any stage of the disease. Mostly, the program of treatment and the doctor stay the same, but the extra help in these cases proves to uplift the patient in many ways.

There are case studies on cancer, MS, COPD, and dialysis patients that prove the benefits when palliative care joins the treatment program that is already in effect. Palliative care is not exclusive to those conditions; they were just chosen as examples. The onset of advanced symptoms in a disease is slowed down due to increased pain relief. And, as the mindset of the patient improves, his or her overall health does, too. One creates the other. It's our motto here at Arbors at Sylvania, and it shows in every aspect of care we give.


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